Martial-Arts-Bullyproofs-Your-Child-TKO-TaekwondoThere are many reasons for kids to participate in martial arts. One of the most popular reasons is that it can make them less of a target for bullies. It’s true that kids learn self-defense skills through martial arts. But physical confrontation is not intended or encouraged to be their first reaction if ever threatened by a bully.

Through martial arts training, kids develop skills to help prevent a bully attack in the first place. Here are a few ways that martial arts bullyproofs your child:

1. More Self-Confidence

A child that appears and acts more confident is less likely to be targeted by a bully. Martial arts not only makes a child appear more confident, but it can also increase their confidence. Kids have the opportunity to practice setting martial arts goals. They then go through the process of figuring out what it takes to achieve those goals. When they reach a goal, the sense of accomplishment contributes to a boost in their self-confidence.

2. Bigger Social Circle

Children who participate in martial arts classes have the chance to meet kids from various backgrounds and expand their social circle to a new group of friends. The group environment allows kids to develop and practice their social skills. It can also help children who tend to be more shy feel more comfortable with getting to know kids who share a common interest.

3. Increased Self-Control

The structure of a martial arts class encourages kids to stay focused and pay attention to their instructor. Over time, kids learn to control how they act in class. This behavior carries over into other areas of their lives. A child with more self-control is better equipped to stay calm in a potentially threatening situation. By remaining calm and in control, a child has a better chance of diffusing conflict before it escalates.

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