Are you starting to make plans for your kids’ summer activities? Have you considered the benefits of enrolling your kids in a martial arts summer camp?

Martial arts, like Taekwondo, is an excellent summer activity that comes with a variety of physical and mental benefits. No matter if your child has experience with martial arts or is brand new to Taekwondo, he or she is welcome to join us this summer.

And here are a few reasons to enroll your kids in a martial arts summer camp:

1. To try a new activity.

Summer is a great time for your kids to explore and try new things. And that exploration could include a martial art like Taekwondo. Kids learn Taekwondo in a safe and fun environment, balancing skill work with fun games and activities.

2. To stay active throughout the summer.

A martial arts summer camp is a fun way for kids to stay active throughout the summer. Not only will they practice martial arts, but at TKO, they’ll also do things like take field trips, complete arts and crafts projects, and play dodgeball and laser tag. Each week has a new theme, such as Pikachu, Star Wars, Fortnite, and more!


3. To practice character-building skills, like self-discipline.

In addition to learning self-defense and anti-bullying techniques, martial arts summer camps also focus on character-building skills. Throughout camp, qualified instructors and counselors will work with your child to teach essential life skills like discipline, focus, confidence, teamwork, fitness, and hard work.

4. To learn valuable social skills.

Our TKO kids camp provides the opportunity for your children to learn and grow through martial arts. They also have a chance to practice valuable social skills with kids from a variety of backgrounds. Children learn martial arts in a small group setting, but they also learn how to work and learn well together.

To learn more about the programs and classes we’re currently offering at TKO Taekwondo, including our upcoming TKO summer camps for kids, contact us today.