Grandmaster Hwang is two time world Champion and was a participant in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. TKO Taekwondo Academy features the area’s finest training facility. We offer World Class Instructors and training areas featuring Lexan floor to ceiling walls, bleacher seating with shelving and power outlets for Laptops and phones. We also offer 65” Monitors, areas for after school and summer programs, and even an intimate cafe where you can enjoy a nice espresso while watching your spouse and children learn.

TKO Taekwondo was founded in 2012. The company specializes in School Enrichment Programs. These programs will introduce school children to the Ancient Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo. This includes its Tenets and values. The results build skills in character, respect, honor, integrity, and self-confidence. These in turn help children with life skills and often improve their performance in school. After 3 years in the Tampa, Florida area, in February 2015 we hired our first two Franchisees adding Lakeland and Sarasota to our family of after school programs. In late 2017 we opened our first 3000 sq. ft training facility (Dojang) in Winter Haven Florida, TKO Taekwondo Academy. 


Grandmaster Hwang will provide a challenging and motivational introduction to the Art of Taekwondo in her Dojang. For those children interested in continuing their training, Master Hwang will offer a more advanced curriculum as well. This is not a watered down or domesticated version of the art. Her instruction instills authentic and traditional Korean Taekwondo tenets, values, and skills; perpetuating the education and training she, herself, had learned. Through her example children are introduced to a new culture and its traditions; all the while using the most safe, fun, and exciting instruction methods available.


Grandmaster Hwang’s program was specifically designed by her to build a strong foundation in children that, in addition to physical fitness and self-defense, develops discipline, honor, self-control, respect, focus, perseverance, confidence and knowledge. Master Hwang’s instruction will actually improve students’ skills, routines, and character. Many students even start to improve in school as they begin to develop better habits and character traits.



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