Japanese Swordsmanship Class

What You’ll Learn:

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey with Sensei Ganey’s Legendary Swordsmanship Class! Immerse Yourself in the Way of the American Samurai. Welcome to TKO Martial Arts, where the art of Japanese swordsmanship transcends mere techniques. Led by the renowned Sensei Ganey, a living legend with over 35 years of honing his skills, our class stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of Martial Arts.

Unlike Any Other Class You’ll Find!

While others focus on just one facet of sword training, we believe in a well-rounded approach. Like a wheel with multiple spokes, we ensure your journey through the samurai arts is balanced and complete. From the precise art of drawing to the art of cutting, from kenjutsu to kendo, we cover it all. Our dedication extends beyond the sword, incorporating armored combat, empty hand defense against sword, jiujitsu, and more.


Sensei Richard Ganey, a skilled practitioner of Japanese swordsmanship.


Trial Offer:

Unbelievable Offer: 3-Week Swordsmanship Trial for Only $29! Experience the power of Japanese swordsmanship at an amazing value! Our exclusive trial program offers three action-packed weeks of swordsmanship training for just $29. It’s the perfect opportunity to unlock your inner samurai and embark on a life-changing journey!

Are you ready to awaken the warrior within? Our classes are your gateway to a world of mastery and self-discovery. In each session, we dedicate the first half to meticulously refining your sword skills, while the second half is all about putting them to practical use. Beyond technique, the Japanese sword is a gateway to inner peace and mindfulness—a journey that never ends.

All Ages Welcome!

Passing on the legacy of the samurai is our passion, and that’s why we offer specialized classes for our younger warriors-in-training. It’s never too early to embrace the way of the sword.

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